Pure White Apartment by Magdalena Dyczak

Pure white interior, Zen atmosphere and urban comfort, all this can be found in this interior of Asia and Kuba’s apartment by Magdalena Dyczak.

Project Description: Asia and Kuba’s apartment is functional minimalism. It is a great dose of materials and forms. The idea for their interior started from a lamp above the table. That lamp has entranced me with its simplicity and adaptability as it was easy to form it in your way. It is a beautiful and modern sculpture. The second idea was epoxy resin on the floor in the whole apartment.

On this basis, we knew that the interior was going to be modern. It was also intended to be clear and spacious. The whole design based on two colours: very light grey and black. The only exception was an ash table, which being the only wooden element, symbolizes the warmth of home and family junketing.

Special attention should be drawn to the bathroom. The walls are covered with big size stoneware. Such a solution makes walls very smooth in colour. They have very limited amount of fugue. They look as if they were painted. That is even more minimalistic.

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