Oak Pass House – Contemporary Property Located in Beverly Hills

Mystic emanation, labyrinth-like premises, unusual and dynamic shapes and Asian minimalism strongly connected to its natural surrounding – this contemporary property located in Beverly Hills is very untypical and with a memorable character. The 130 protected Oak trees give the name for the mansion – Oak Pass House, they also define the premise and guard are integrity – the breathtaking infinity pool, for example, has astonishing guardians at its four edges, the same goes for the deck and one of the inner courtyards.

Very characteristic for this house is also the dynamic and the unusual arrangement of the architectural construct – the privet premises are, in a way, under the sea-level with green roofs, the courtyards are surrounded with edgeless windows, creating astonishing aquarium- like feeling. The Asian pavilion – like construct of the spaces is another fresh touch for the project of Walker Workshop – in summons everything, from the architectural solutions to the small decor elements in this house is exotic and very stylish.

The interior decor solutions are cleverly combining polished concrete elements with sophisticated wood cladding and furnishing- limestone and walnut are bringing the warm and cozy sensation in the rooms, the stylish aluminum framing and concrete structures add the contemporary edge. The furnishing and design solutions are minimalistic, functional and very modern. White and beige – unostentatious and organized – the furnishing is mainly custom made for the premises and with its delicate presence is leaving the leading role for the design to the wooden constructs and fixtures.

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