Moscow Apartment by Alexandra Fyodorova

Architect Alexandra Fyodorova design the interior of an apartment of 140 sq. m. Located on the 18th floor of an apartment building in Moscow. The residence originally had two balconies, which were attached to the rooms, so that area is increased by nearly 15 meters. The apartment with almost no corridors, due to which the area of the rooms allocated with maximum functionality.

The decoration of the apartment used wood in two colors – light gray and chocolate. On the walls of the living room, kitchen apron, are used the natural stone countertop. The walls of the main bathroom are covered with marble Bianca Carrara. The headboard of the bed in the master bedroom is made of leather panels on the sloping shape designed by architects and custom-made in Italy. The panels behind the couch in the study also made sketches of the architects custom solid wood.

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