Minimalist Asian Aesthetics and Smart Functionality for Limited Living Space

The home of the two sisters presents a contemporary, cozy, functional and intriguing project of the Taiwanese design studio Folk Design. The Asian simplicity of premises and the organic combination of wooden structures, fresh greenery and white surfaces is presented in multi-layered architectural construct that is fresh and comfortable. The very aesthetic idea and arrangement of multiple levels throughout the apartment: the bedroom, the storage spaces and food preparation zone; is not only a clever modern functionality twist but also an artistic expression of the idea of city life.

Here the Scandinavian design of the coffee – table and the ceramic set shows the very elegant international mixture between the Normann Copenhagen design and the Eastern minimalism.

The food preparation zone with is clear lines, light colors and increased functionality by cleverly arranged storage spaces is an emanation of simplicity and elegance. And we suspect an easy maintenance.

The vertical presentation of the design brings a futuristic taste to the minimalist Asian aesthetics and the smart architectural functionality for limited living space.

The bathroom premise is big comparing to the scale of the apartment and with its bright; clear arrangement provokes comfort and clean sensation.

The presence of contemporary design elements like the fashionable lamp from KIMU design is yet another clever way to bring modern urban sensation to the organic composition.

The whole apartment radiates Eastern romantics combined with modern life stylistics and clever architectural approach towards small home design.  Photographs Hey!Cheese

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