LEGO Playground Interior by HAO Design

HAO design  studio has used giant LEGO – like blocks to renovate the interior of an apartment in the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung. The playful living accommodation is articulated around a play pond that provides a space for the home’s young family to congregate in an area configured for shared recreational use.

Beneath the elevated lounge, brightly colored drawers provide storage while miniature building block designs can be added to the surrounding recessed green walls. The sunken blue sofa has been completed to resemble a swimming pool, a theme that is further established through the use of metallic handrails.

The adjacent kitchen area features orange cabinets that stand in contrast to the more austere concrete grey walls. At the heart of the apartment, a marble surface is perched on green blocks forming a large communal table. The LEGO theme is continued throughout the brightly colored bedrooms, with various blocks forming both side tables and stools.

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