Cosy Eclectic Apartment by Fabio Fantolino

The elegant design created from architect Fabio Fantolino brings to this residential project, located in central Torino- Italy, certain eclectic, balanced and cozy sensation. The space has strong contemporary open floor plan interior, combined with soft furnishing and rustic decorative elements which creates an amalgam of interesting and stylish choice combinations.

The privet areas (bedroom and bathroom) of the apartment are separated from the more social sections with a corridor that create intimacy and at the same time lives an open wide space for entertainment. The material and texture choice for the lounge is dominated by gorgeous resin and baked brushed brown oak that comes complemented by rugs, intelligently shaped chairs and wonderful contemporary soft cushion sofa in the siting area.

The modernistic and innovative shape of some of the lamps, furniture and fireplace is balanced with rustic and vintage central pieces, like a small coffee table, the pantry-built as a vintage cabinet using old woods and some of the ornaments and decorations spread throughout the premise, which all together create eclectic and comfortable ambiance. Warmth earthy colors, natural materials, interesting and eye-catching shapes, elegant combination of contemporary and vintage -all this creates a space whit strong character that may be inhabited and observed whit great enjoyment.

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