Contemporary Interpretation of Style with an Artistic Touch by SVOYA Studio

Another beautiful, contemporary interpretation of style with an artistic touch and strong individuality from the master designers from SVOYA Studio. This apartment is a home of a painter and her young family and is located in Dneper, Ukraine. It combines (in a typically bold and creative manner for the architects) a gorgeous natural materials palette, bespoke fittings and features, trendy furniture combinations and rich textural experience that makes the place unique and with strong individuality.

The main living premises are interconnected in one dynamic open space dominated by the rich architectural construct: wooden structures, custom, made furniture – like in a countryside cortege kitchen and ceiling beams; And bold color furniture combinations: expressive blue sofa, playful yellow bar-chairs and the shining darkness of the black elements – trendy lamps, ceiling and under table supports, unusual balance of high and low, dark and rich. But one of the most capturing characteristics of this entertaining living space is the custom made wall composed of bricks from Yekaterinoslav – a reference for the transfer of the historical heritage of the city to this artistic apartment.

The kitchen is functional but playful at the same time. The combination of magnificent wooden structures – floors and ceiling beams, the primary column of the space and the romantic addition of tables and small ceramics that introduces strong organic and country-side-like feeling into the home balances the ultra-modern fittings and appliances and brings homey charm to the premise.

The rest of the spaces in the apartment are also so artistic and inviting. The master bedroom with its ingenuity and modernistic spirit offers versatile design experience and individuality. The children’s rooms with their playful, creative spirit are composed of rich textiles and colors providing a cozy and entertaining experience for grout and development. The modality of the bespoke fittings allows the decor to be shifted according to the child’s age.

The bathrooms are particularly intriguing and artistic – combining gorgeous and trendy wooden accessories, furniture, and appliances with classy and almost vintage ceramic tiles. This combination offers a perfectly balanced atmosphere for the unique ceramic washbasins made by Sergey Gorban. Ones again SVOYA Studio intrigues and entertains us with their artistic, beautiful décor compositions.  Photography by Alexander Angelovskiy

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