Apartment With Glass Wall by FORM

Dark and light entanglement in front of a vast panoramic window and soft textures, assigns the character of this contemporary Ukrainian apartment design. The project is brought to life by the architectural firm FORM and is realized in close collaboration with the owner – a world traveler and collector of art.

The main living premises feature some memorable and unique characteristics. The first are of course the panoramic views over Kiev’s river and the semi-circular wall that reaches from the hallway and is adorn by contemporary painting. The large modern furnishing- soft, inviting sofa creation of Interia, round chair – table and other intriguing furniture pieces define the premise and bring welcoming and relaxing spirit to space.

The dining zone features an incredible 280 years old wooden board left untainted and introduced certain rustic charm into the modern composition of the decor. The designers share that seven climbing companies refused to bring up this monolith piece, and it was finally delivered by crane through the windows. The massive bed in the bedroom and the monolith stone cladding and wooden additions in bedroom and bathroom are all very masculine and expressive. The color palette is simple; the organic composition of opposites, light and dark entwined in one dynamic and stylish decor.

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